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Events and roadshows
Large or small, we will create an unforgettable event, all with love.
Every event requires an individual approach, so we forget the ‘marketing rules‘ and rely on our creativity and feeling. We enjoy organizing social events that require a precise scenario but we will prepare teambuilding (un)bound by rules with the same zest. And if you need a travelling roadshow, our unique promotional trucks combined with our vast experience deliver the perfect event.
Brand and digital
Let’s tell the whole world about your brand! We know a couple of tricks that will help us succeed. Together.
As hunters, we can hit the target group and deliver the most important messages. We don’t like pushy adverts, we prefer fine and elegant communication. We feel at home both offline and online. We love social media, and we can develop and deliver your brand all through the digital space.
Sales promotion
Even the very best ideas needs to be sold, and we are real connoisseurs in this discipline.
We strive for your brand to be seen, heard and felt. Sales promotion is a key component in marketing, that is why we give it special care and attention. All products deserve stable support and clever and economic solutions. The more we can have a field day with the sales promotion, the better.
Video production
We think it up, shoot it, edit it your video is born! Our video production team will deal with any challenge.
Do you need to give your idea the right form? No problem for us. We love to play with the first thought, we slog away at the camera and then always give editing a deep focus. Give us a task and leave everything up to us. In 2018, we acquired a video production team led by Filip Lepeš. We now create stunning videos from A to Z under the Fox Hunter brand.
Video Showreel
Let’s set out into the marketing forest. Together we won‘t get lost.
On our way, we will show you the direction and the goal but that does not mean we will not be listening to you. After eleven years of experience, we know that mutual trust and respect are the most important things.
projects hitting the bull’s eye and put into practice
determined hunters ready to hit the ground running
brands enjoyed our
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