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A new marketing challenge with British American Tobacco
Launching a new tobacco product into the Czech market required a lot of creativity and discipline. This was a new marketing challenge for us, in a sector with strict advertising regulations.

Introducing the brand in just one take

Three letters, one clever technology and no experience in the Czech market. In September 2018, British American Tobacco introduced their revolutionary new product ‘glo‘ to the Czech market. This electronic device works on the principle of carefully heating the tobacco, and it is B.A.T.‘s answer to the competitive product IQOS. The unique point about these technologically sophisticated devices is that the user can enjoy the taste of real tobacco without cigarette smoke, bad smells and ash.

Our task was to introduce the glo brand to the Czech audience and to create a stable background for the brand to grow without any problems. In the first step, we created the so-called ‘glo academy‘ and trained an army of glo ambassadors in the cities of Prague and Brno. The three-day training course aimed to familiarize the ambassadors with the product, and also with the whole philosophy of the brand.

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Ethereal celebration of glo

Social media from A to Z

We trained ambassadors and all the official events are now behind us, but we still haven‘t had enough. At the moment, we enjoy managing glo social media and participate in original content creation.

We love taking pictures for Instagram posts. With the same passion, we create copy for Facebook posts that must be in compliance with the legal regulations. It makes us happy to stand by this great brand!

We prepared and organized the first official brand event for movers and shakers who never stay in one place and use their invention to move things forward.

For this event, we chose the most beautiful terrace in Prague – on the roof of the recently opened DRN building in Národní Třída. The place where no large event had taken place elicited extremely positive reactions and feedback.

No lazing around with
Lenovo. For ten years!
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